My mom is always complaining but I look at her and I’m like if you stop buying swishers, blacks & weed, maybe you would have some money. That shit adds up on a weekly basis.

So I have a date to the movies on Sunday with a guy named Anthony. We’ve been texting one another off and on for a little over a month but nothing serious because we’ve hung out a few times before. He lived in the same complex as 2 of coworkers and they’re military wives and of course he’s military so yeah but it’s been among people, not one on one except once and we were talking on the balcony. Even though I almost spill my heart out every time I talk to Gunnar, reality is that we’re not together, we’re both single. So go out with someone to a movie that we’ve both been excited to see.


Everyone, not just white people, loved making fun of black hair until black people decided to stop giving a fuck about their bum ass opinions. Now they all want the “natural hair” umbrella. Cause, if you can’t put down black people for doing it, then you have to be part of it, cause letting black people shine on their own is threatening.

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